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The construction of this Compact Disc player started by an absurd idea: to manufacture a CD player who would be read like an old record player, just to see whether it were possible.


It was manufactured in one month starting from a base of Sony CDP 75. The only fact of raising the arm of its support engages the laser diode. When one poses it on the carriage, the disc starts to turn. The follow-up of track is ensured by a small engine which is on the frame. The needle display indicates the position of the furrow compared to the laser diode: the engine moves the read head each time the needle reaches value 4.

This reader was not manufactured to function full-time and does not reach the performances of an industrially manufactured reader (the goal was not there). Indeed, the laser diode will take any ambient light for information, and the play of the arm is larger than the focal point of the ray. Something like 1 micron). For example if one takes a photograph with flash while it is reading, the disc will stop turning and the display will indicate " ERROR ". What imports: I wanted simply to know if it were feasible, and the joy was great when it delivered the first notes of " Electric Ladyland ".