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MORENO (May 2002) Pneumatic clock

Florence, Skyport or the Chronolith were so sober, it was time to built something different. The first idea was to built a sad frame, called "tombstone", and showing the hours going clockwise in front and counterclockwise behind... Then the mechanic had to be crazy in order to try to wash away all this sadness. As this idea wasnt so good, I just kept the inox frame and made a clock with nothing but beautiful old parts.

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The principle is the same than Skyport: one ball falls every hours and blows some air against the pendulum, wich keep it moving. The only rule is to let the ball fall only when the pendulum is in one the right side, if not it would act like a brake, not like a motor. As the order to free the ball is given half way of the pendulum, I must let it roll 1/2 second before to fall.Every full hour, a motor take the ball with a magnet in the end of a chain. On its way up, the ball take a fork, wich move a spoon in wich fall the ball when everything reachs the top. Then the chain begins to go down, the ball roll out of the spoon and wait the moment to fall. When free, the ball falls into a smaller spoon wich acts as a brake, and then falls into a glasspipe. When falling, it pushes a scales, wich pushes a piston, wich blows the pendulum, giving enough energy for another hour. A friend of mine, junk dealer, has the habit to give me the pieces he cant sell since 1990 (Moreno is its name). I took the best of them in order to make a clock with nothing but old sparts.

Materials employed: Inox steel, silver, bronze, brass, steel, iron, mercury, invar, aluminium and glass

"Ten years ago, I built my first clock with old spare parts. It was because I didnt have any tools to work with, no knowledge to use them and no money to buy anything anyway. Its different now : its much easier to make something new than to use old parts. But I've kept the love of old diverted things."

And now, lets see the Moreno's first graph (13th may 2002). One grid line means 0.000100 second too fast or too slow .The white vertical line shows the falling ball. We can clearly see the work to do to improve the whole clock: I must let fall the ball a millisecond before, wich will eliminate the white vertical line, and then set the bob a little bit down.

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