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 (Foucault pendulum with time indication on the floor)


This super-hard steel cone is a regulation needle from a hydroelectric power plant. It is used to regulate the water that flows
through the nozzle to activate the turbine. The grooves have been carved by the water. This 20-pound steel block is the corner
stone of the pendulum. A laser beam goes through it, reflects on the bob's stainless steel ball and falls on the dial at the base of
the cone. As the Earth rotates the pendulum's oscillation plane stays fixed with reference to the universe, causing the laser beam
to slowly turn clockwise. This allows you to read the time on the ground.
No frame for this pendulum, the suspension directly hangs from the ceiling. The string length can vary between 1 to 4 meters. It
is made to be displayed in the middle of a hall, to be seen from every angle.
English translation by Jean-Marc Julia

 Leon, Moreno, Conti (left)     Pointeau (middle)     Malevoz, ApriliaCyclostyle.(right)

Pointeau 1 ( Quicktime videoclip 430Ko)
Pointeau 2 (Quicktime videoclip 430Ko)