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Pneumatic clock built from inox pipes (Skyport is the brand) and a big saucepan. There is one falling ball every full hour like Florence, Cyclostyle and Aprilia, but it falls into a glasspipe and blow the air underneath against the pendulum. By the way, it gives enough energy to keep it moving an hour. There are two balls simultaneously falling every hour. The construction of this piece date from July 2000, and it began to turn two weeks before the Grande Fontaine exhibition. It still need one year for the settings... This clock asked me much more working hours than expected and is still unfinished even if it turns properly. Better, simpler can be done on it and will do, but I just dont know how long it's going to take... It's the only clock I've built that I knew exactely how it would be at the end. But the interior has been nothing but a long evolution wich isnt by far actually finished. (see the electrical diagram...fifty pages drawn in order to get only one, the simplest possible.)

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